Every light should have a specific purpose and role in producing your perfect environment. Which is why we at Luxury Landscape Lighting use only low voltage outdoor lighting.

Low voltage landscape lighting is breathtaking in its beauty and provides a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. Unlike the glaring high voltage lighting of the past, low voltage lighting provides the opportunity for our skilled professionals to create a work of art. With our fixtures and craftsmanship, we can enhance the beauty and value of your home.

The art of Landcape Lighting has evolved to a point where it is now possible to transform a home and its property into a dynamic nighttime scene of breathtaking beauty.

  • What are the advantages of low voltage lighting?
    • Security:
        • High voltage floodlights leave dark shadows and unseen areas around a property. A better choice is strategically placed low voltage lights that provide low levels of even illumination.
    • Safety:
        • Low voltage lighting is the ideal choice for illuminating walkways and entranceways. This ensures that residents and visitors can safely navigate around the property.
    • Beauty:
        • Low voltage lighting accentuates the shapes and texture of the landscape and its structures. We, as lighting designers, not only paint pictures with light, we create dramatic scenes that give the viewer a dynamic experience of the property.
    • Economy:
        • Eco-Friendly & Economic. Low voltage lighting consumes about 1/3 the electric compared to high voltage and is far less expensive to install.
    • Practicality:
        • Low voltage lighting uses a 12 volt system instead of normal domestic voltage of 120 volts. It's much safer to have outside because there's no shock hazard from damaged fixtures should you happen to come in contact with them.
    • Lifetime Warranty:
        • Luxury Landscape Lighting uses Unique Odessey and Signature Series lighting systems. Lifetime warranty on the fixtures, wire connections and transformer, essentially the entire system (excluding bulbs). This one of a kind warranty protects home owners not only against rust and corrosion of the fixtures but also the sockets and all related hardware and the solid brass construction. Warranty is also transferable. Other systems are available upon request- with limited warranties.
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